Friday, August 14, 2015

Small victories.

There is something refreshing about NOT being recognized. Don't get me wrong, I never intend on keeping my identity, my life, and my journey a secret. But the look on people's faces when they don't recognize me, is priceless. I'm not making fun, I'm not judging or offended like "how could they not know it's me", I'm just excited to think that with technology and science at the levels that they are, it's possible.

Some trans* people are DESPERATE to pass. They want to change their body image, move far away, and never speak about their past life. And that's okay. If that is what will make them happy, then they should be able to go for it. And it's exciting that people have the opportunity to do that - very successfully. It's reassuring to know that it's an option at all.

I never take my passing for granted. Maybe it's because it's still new, but to this day I get excited when a stranger says 'sir', or if I get a head nod fro another guy. That's still exciting. Maybe it'll wear off, maybe not. But for now, I'll fucking take it as much as I can get it.

On a side note: I have rediscovered my love for TED talks. Here are some of my favorites.

I based my senior paper in high school on this

The octopus gets me every time

This will amaze me until the end of time

And last but NOT EVEN CLOSE to least...
 the closest demonstration of how my brain works that has ever been recorded. (to my knowledge)

          *          *          *

There are some days that I have at least a hundred ideas of something to write about. Or draw. Or create. And almost none of them last longer than a few seconds. I know that I should write them down more, just a quick note for later, but I never do. Maybe carrying around a backpack with a pad would help.... although it might seem rude mid conversation to stop talking, reach into my backpack, jot something down and then forget what we were talking about.....

Until next time!