Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So I decided it's time to get serious about Top Surgery. This is the next step and I cannot hide anymore pretending I can do it alone. I need help.

I have created a donation page with GoFundMe as was Naomi's idea (thank you so much for this, by the way) and I wanted to share the link on here. Send it to anyone and everyone - as you would expect me to ask, and if you can donate that's great! But if not (believe me I understand) just share it because sharing is caring, it can be fun!

It also only takes a few seconds to send along the link and you would be helping a dream come true. If you donate, and want me to know about it I will send out personalized thank you notes to anyone who emails me at akircheim@gmail.com.

The notes may include a nice little present from yours truly. I mean, I'm no Joss Whedon (seriously check this out) but I'm sure I can come up with something.

Thank you in advance, and as always anyone can email me about anything at any time and I will answer questions, always be honest, and maybe even give some advice if needed.

So here's the link to Aidan's Top Surgery!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wednesday from Hell and Mike is okay, he told us three times

Wednesday evening:

I get out of work and head to the apt to pick up Sarah so we can go to my parent's for dinner. It's pouring outside. Buckets. We're heading down Horton Ave by my parent's house, two lane street, traffic built up on the other side. As we're coming down some asshole pulls out from the line of traffic to make a 3 pt turn, to get out of said traffic, and pulls out right in front of us. I slam on the brakes, swerve to the right, and our driver side front panel and headlight hit his passenger front panel/bumper/headlight. Everyone's fine, the cops show up, write a report, we're standing out in the rain getting soaked. The cop knew my name, knew Michael, we chat about how his death date is coming up soon (actually it's today), he writes the report, we head over to my parent's. The car damage is really not bad, could be worse if I hadn't swerved and if we'd had someone behind us because they wouldn't have been able to stop either.

Now we're at my parent's. She calls her mom&dad, the insurance company to make a claim, we have soup, her parent's come over to look at the car, Eric says we can drive it back to the apt, we do that.

We come into the apartment, and the landlord is coming in too, heading downstairs from us - not sure why.

Sarah goes into the bathroom to take a shower, gets undressed - I walk into the kitchen to put away leftover soup my dad sent us home with. The kitchen floor is full of water. It's coming in from outside, into the walls, and onto the floor. Harold (the landlord) comes back upstairs, says it's leaking downstairs from our bedroom. So we go in there, and that outer wall is leaking too (the wall behind our heads), and it's dripping in through ceiling fan (so now it's in the ceiling also). He said they'd come look at it the next day and go from there. We clean up as best we can, go to sleep with a pot on the bench at the foot of the bed to catch the water dripping from the fan, wake up at 5:30 am to clean the room a bit more and clear space for them to come in and inspect. I get pictures/video of all the damage and what's happening, and go to work.

Since then they have re-siliconed the windows outside, and that's it.

As for the car, we went to a body shop on Saturday (her father sent us there, he knows the guy) and he said if it's 100% the other guy's fault we'll use HIS insurance AND we'll get a rental while it gets fixed. Now to wait for the report to come in. Which should be any day now.

So that's catching you up to that.

* * *

Today is three years since Michael passed away. I miss him, but it's not like my day was ruined because of it. If anything, I've been smiling all day thinking about him. My friend Lisa calls me on April 23rd to talk - out of the blue - telling me that she was at a psychic reading and my brother crashed in saying to tell his brothers that he's okay. She said it had to be him, so she called me, and she was still shaking from it. I texted Matthew to tell him Mike was party crashing, as usual. SO like him.

THREE DAYS LATER Matt texts me telling me that two people from different circles of friends had psychic readings where Mike busted in to say hi and he's okay. Pretty cool, actually. I'm not sure what I believe but I can tell you that it gave me chills to see that text message. He's probably watching all of the shit happening and telling me to man-up. He would say that.

He was in so much pain... Of course I miss him, but maybe it's better this way.