Friday, May 25, 2018

"We're changing lodgings!"

Hi everyone!

What a few months it has been. We've had A LOT going on so I haven't been able to post.

Let me explain... No there is too much, let me sum up.

Sarah accepted a job offer in Las Vegas and we moved our whole lives basically across the country. Not only did we move, we drove here. Not only did we drive here, we did it with the dog. Bella was a real trooper and actually did amazingly in the car, not barking once and just kindof hanging out the whole way. She also loved napping on the hotel beds.

From the time that Sarah accepted, to when she started her new job was only a few weeks. We packed, filled the POD in two days, and then drove here. Like I said, there's been a lot going on. I'm also still running PFLAG Long Island from here, and my job let me go remote which is a blessing that I was not sure was going to happen. So things have been good, generally.

This apartment is huge, and our living room and bedroom furniture came today. We go real adult furniture! We're growing up so fast, I know!

We had two fantastic helpers (my Dad and our friend, The Hulk) come and help us unload the POD here in Vegas and it was so nice to have more hands on deck. We were (and still are, honestly) exhausted.

So I wanted to give a quick life update, and let you all know that I have not disappeared and I will be posting again soon!