Sunday, September 24, 2017

Married and Honeymooned

I'm a husband. That is still so strange to say and think.

We were married officially on September 6th, 2017 (our 9 year anniversary) and then drove up to PA to celebrate for the long weekend at Lacawac Sanctuary. We cannot say enough amazing things about the location and the staff (Craig was phenomenal) and can't wait to rent out the place again for our anniversaries and probably family reunions.

The weekend was full of great friends, fantastic food, and fun times. It will be a weekend that will live on in our memories for years to come and we want to thank everyone who was involved. We love all of you!

The honeymoon in Costa Rica was full of mostly happiness, relaxation, and celebrating. Note to future self: we don't drink enough to make 'all-inclusive' worth it.

The first half of the honeymoon in Arenal was amazing. Next time, we will stay at Tabacon in Arenal for the full week and do excursions during the day, and the hot springs at night. Even though the price only included breakfast buffet, (it was authentic costa rican food btw) it was worth it to adventure in the mornings and then nap to skip lunch, and pay for dinner because the food was amazing and absolutely worth it.

The 'all-inclusive' at Secrets Papagayo was not worth the money to us. It was full of drunk Americans who were happy eating penne alfredo and broccoli slathered in cheddar cheese. The view from the room was great, but the food and ambiance was NOT worth it. The spa was underwhelming and the excursions were at least double the price of the ones while we were at Tabacon. The best part of the few days at 'Secrets' was when we hired a taxi to take us to Coco Beach for souvenir shopping and authentic chifrijo (which was fucking delicious).

All in all, we made the best of it and really enjoyed the week off - so it was a success for us.

Bonus! I got promoted and a raise the day before we left, so that was another cherry on top of the whole week in general.

Thank you again to everyone involved with the wedding, we had an amazing September, and are looking forward to the brunch reception in October!