Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Typical of my body to rebel against me....

I'm sick.

I had the flu a few weeks ago - which was absolutely awful, wow, no thank you - and now I have something that eerily (yet negative when tested) resembles strep throat.

It started on Thanksgiving at the soon-to-be-in-laws' residence because they have 3 cats and I doubled up on allergy pills which did next to nothing and was completely expected. I always know if I spend more than a few minutes there I will absolutely feel like crap for at least 8 hours. Only this time, nothing got better. Not after 8, 12, or even 24 hours. I had off of work Friday, and we went shopping because we are insane and it's the BEST people watching day OF THE YEAR, and felt worse as the day went on. I slept on the couch, sitting up, Friday night and woke up on Saturday morning a complete mess. "If I have a fever, I'll go to the clinic"...... BEEPBEEPBEEP..... "Damn." I came home with Vitamin Water, enough tissues for what I thought would last a weekend (I was sorely mistaken), a bottle of nasal spray, prescription cough medicine, and Augmentin (regardless that the strep test was negative). No partridges or pear trees, sadly.

So of course, on a 4 day weekend, my body completely shuts down and I do nothing. Which is GLORIOUS when I'm not hacking up phlegm and using 2 boxes of tissues over the course of a day with aches, pains, and consistent post nasal drip.

My immune system is really just terrible. Allergies, asthma, crappy immune system, vitamin D deficiency - it's no wonder my friends call me Steve.

Just a quick update for now - more when I don't have a headache and can get my thoughts together...

PS - I'm on the new laptop, YAY Black Friday!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thoughts and updates - trying to stay positive

So. Trump is going to be our next president.

Of course I am afraid. Many of us are. I've been thinking a lot about what I should write here, and how to express what I'm feeling. However there have been so many others who have written, and expressed, and done such a damn good job doing it that I think it might be best if I just pass on this one.

Plus, there are other things that I want to talk about. Positive things. Like wedding planning! Still in early stages so I won't bore anyone, but I just want to say that regardless of what happens over the next few months with laws and marriage and rights, etc. I'm still very excited about marrying my best friend.

Some updates!

Northwell Health's Transgender Clinic is not only up and running, it is THRIVING. We needed to prove that services for trans* individuals was necessary in the community by fulfilling the grant promise of 40 patients within the 1st year. It is now less than 6 months and we are at 47 patients, with more intake appointments already scheduled. Negotiations are now underway to get a new grant, this one for 5 years instead of 1 year. VERY EXCITING!

PFLAG's Transparentsy Group was very intimate today, as it was only myself and 2 members who split to the other room - however I think it was fantastic to have a more intimate meeting and be able to address very specific questions that the members had. Not only did we get to address the fear and anxiousness associated with this past week's election results, we also got to discuss Gender Identity vs Gender Expression which I could talk about for hours - so it was a nice decompression from the crap that's been flooding me emotionally this week.

Gender Conference East 2016 in NJ was such an engaging experience, and it was so energizing to see and meet people who truly believe that this is important and are willing to fight for it on a daily basis, or even just learn something that they didn't know about before they got there. So many people seemed to genuinely interested and willing to learn and help, it gave me a lot of hope about not only the youth and our distant future, but also for the next few months (and years) while Trump is president. Many people understood the fear of those that are trans* or gender non confirming and what their future could look like. I made contacts with lawyers, teachers, health professionals, and analysts that will help us all move forward and fight for what we know is right. Okay, getting off of the soap box now.

Anyway, at the conference I met someone who works in a law office in NYC that has contact with 40 or more lawyers that are ready and willing to do PRO BONO name changes and gender marker changes so if anyone needs (or you know someone who may need) any assistance with that, please please please reach out and I will connect you. I also learned a lot about where the community is, and where we're going, how to help, and new terms to use. Example: the terms "supportive" and "non-supportive" are being replaced with "affirming" and "non-affirming" since people may be acting in a way or saying things that they truly believe to be supporting and are only doing it out of concern and love. This relates to the argument that I make about the difference between tolerance vs acceptance - which I would love to address in a later post.

Okay sorry that was a bit long but it's been awhile. I will do my best to update more frequently (I know I say that a lot, but I'm setting a reminder in my phone RIGHT NOW to try and get me to come on here more).

Be safe out there friends.